Streetlight Intelligence (SLiQ) is the jump-start to your smart city. SLiQ is a new state of the art LED luminaire, integrating high-end lighting capabilities with the latest adaptive lighting controls and sensing capabilities in one system.

Choosing SLiQ avoids the pitfalls of many controls projects, which suffer from incorrect data capture in the field by contractors. With controls and luminaire contained in one unit SLiQ’s installation is a painless, plug and play design. Luminaire data is also programmed into the controller at the time of manufacture.

SLiQ is ideal for roadway/street lighting, parking areas, bridges, and general outdoor area lighting applications where networked controls and advanced sensors are deployed.


SLiQ provides a wide variety of light distributions. The 20+ optical distributions available ensure optimal coverage of light and visibility on the road. SLiQ is also designed with flat glass to reduce light depreciation from dust and grime build up. 


Downloads SLiQ Brochure